Nathan Garrison

Author of Science Fiction and Fantasy



The mierothi rule a vast continent, urged to domination by their dark god Ruul. They use his potent sorcery to keep their citizens in line, and a magical barrier called the Shroud to keep the world at bay.

Born with the rare ability to nullify sorcery, and trained since the cradle to kill, Mevon Daere is counted among the most fearsome of imperial enforcers. As the stirrings of yet another rebellion spring to life in a backwoods corner of the empire, Mevon is called to perform his unique brand of justice.

But on his first strike against the rebels, his world is shattered as a sorceress does the impossible - using her magic against him. As he follows the trail to the insurgent leaders, his usual ardor for the glorious victory to come is marred by a secret that seems to shadow his every step. A secret that will shake the empire to its core.

For ancient enemies of the mierothi are back, and care little for who gets trampled on their path to vengeance.

VERDICT The involvement of semi-immortal beings makes for an easy comparison to N.K. Jemisin’s The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, and it’s justified. Written on an grand scale and set in an ancient world of humans, immortals, and other magical beings, this debut is an engaging and quick-moving story of love, revenge, and justice. Resembling the work of Joe Abercrombie and Michael Sullivan, it will be popular with a wide range of fantasy fans.
— —JM, Library Journal