Nathan Garrison

Author of Science Fiction and Fantasy

23 MAY 2016

With Shadow of the Void releasing tomorrow, I'm celebrating by doing a giveaway for Veiled Empire!

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Veiled Empire by Nathan Garrison

Veiled Empire

by Nathan Garrison

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13 May 2016

Finished the first 1/4 of THE LIGHT THAT BINDS. Really happy with what I've written so far. My best yet (if I may say so myself) and packed with action!

12 APR 2016

Finished the outline for book three of the Sundered World Trilogy, THE LIGHT THAT BINDS. Excited to get started on the first draft!

03 Mar 2016

First round of edits are done and turned in! Lot's of rewriting to do this time around, but the changes will make SHADOW OF THE VOID (now officially subtitled - BOOK TWO of the Sundered World Trilogy) a much better book in the end. The cover is also coming along quite nicely, I'm really happy with the way it's turning out!

01 JAN 2016

Happy new year! I'm pleased to announce that the first draft of Shadow of the Void: The Sundered World Book II, is now complete! I'll be working with my editor over the next few months to get it whipped into shape, and the e-book should hit digital shelves around May.

17 JUL 2015

After some negotiating with my publisher (they offered, I said yes) Veiled Empire will be getting two new sequels! The second book will be titled Shadow Of The Void, and the trilogy will get a new subtitle: The Sundered World. Thanks to all my readers. If you hadn't bought enough of the first book there wouldn't have been any others.

7 JUL 2015

The paperback of Veiled Empire is now available!

8 JUN 2015

Got a few early copies of the paperback in the mail today. So cool to be able to actually hold MY book in MY hands!


26 MAY 2015

Release day! Veiled Empire is now available as an e-book from most online retailers. Thanks to everyone who helped make today possible.

Also, print editions are currently scheduled for a July 7th release date. 

26 APR 2015

The e-book version of Veiled Empire will be released one month from today! 

9 APR 2015

First round of copy edits for Veiled Empire are reviewed and back with my editor. Also, I sent the manuscript for Shinefall - my sci-fi heist/technothriller/romance - to my agent.

16 MAR 2015

Major edits for Veiled Empire are complete with copy edits to come within the next week or two. Also, we're closing in on a cover and should have it ready to reveal soon! Thanks to my editor David Pomerico for being patient with me, and to my agent Nicole Resciniti for helping me understand and muddle my way through the whole process.

5 MAR 2015

It's official! Veiled Empire will be released on May 26th 2015 in e-book format, with a print run to follow, from Harper Voyager Impulse.

10 JAN 2015

I got a call from my agent this morning with good news. We received an offer of publication from a major publishing house! Still waiting on details, but Veiled Empire should be hitting shelves soon!

15 NOV 2014

My agent has proposals out to publishers. We are just waiting to hear back, and expect to get some news (hopefully good) within the next few weeks. Let's see how long it's possible for me to hold my breath!

12 SEP 2014

I have an agent! So much thanks to Nicole Resciniti of the Seymour Agency for being willing to take a chance on me. I'm already further along in my writing career than I dreamed I would be at this point in my life. Looking forward to sharing my stories with the world.